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Chris Herzog

Project Development & Marketing
Chris is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. A LEED accredited professional (AP), he began his career as an estimator for a local construction company and worked in field operations for a road construction company prior to joining A.C.E. in 2005 as an estimator/project manager. Chris works with owners to develop construction projects from the idea to design phase to construction. Much of his work is in pre-construction services where he assists owners in land selection, performs feasibility studies and works with government officials to obtain permits and approvals. He helps align owner’s goals with finished building projects and serves as the owner’s representative to A.C.E. construction personnel.

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Loading Docks: What They Are and How To Choose the Right Options

Reliable loading docks are vital to the productivity and efficiency of many different types of businesses, ranging from production factories to retail stores. A loading dock is the lifeblood of a facility, and when run efficiently, it can ensure the fastest and safest inflow and outflow of goods. 
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Door Replacement: 4 Cost-Saving Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Replacing your old door with a new commercial door is a great opportunity to set a positive tone for your customers, while also providing protection and functionality.
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3 Reasons Why the Butler® MR-24 Roof is Superior to Other Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are gaining popularity in both commercial and industrial applications. There are many advantages of choosing a metal roof, from minimal maintenance to overall durability, to the ability to withstand changing seasons and extreme weather, like heavy snowfalls and high winds. As you research the best metal roof for your project, what are the important fabrication and installation factors to consider?
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Cost of Roof Maintenance: Repair vs. Retrofit vs. New Replacement

Pre-engineered steel structures with metal roofs gained immense popularity with building owners in the 1970s. Most often, the type of roof installed on these early buildings were what is commonly referred to as “screw down” metal roofs. They have provided long-lasting weather protection due to their durability and resilience and were workhorses in many different climate environments.
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6 Corners Not to Cut When Designing Your Manufacturing Spaces

As you design a manufacturing space, building, or site, you may want to cut a corner here or there to save time or money, but there are some that you should think twice about. “But I don’t have an unlimited budget or all the time in the world!” We know - but hear us out first.
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How Has the Meaning of ‘Pre-Engineered Buildings’ Changed Over Time?

Can you think of any words or sayings that mean something completely different now than they did when you were a kid? If you have kids, this realization might have happened for you as you heard your kid using slang words in an entirely different context as you would have.
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Future Buildings: Fast Construction & Flexible Design

Together with increased industry customer demands and the abilities of specialized contractors, such as A.C.E. Building Service, the future of commercial and industrial building construction is here.
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Construction Building Wall Systems: Styles & Considerations

Different types of end-uses for buildings have different requirements for the exterior treatment of each building. The wall system used for an office isn’t going to be the same as the one used for a food packing facility and you wouldn't use the same for a warehouse as you would for a school or a church. The framework of buildings can all be very similar, however, the exterior cladding or the wall systems can vary and can change the functionality, the appearance, and the cost of the building itself.
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5 Benefits of A.C.E and Butler Metal Building Systems

With hundreds of successful building projects under our belt, A.C.E. Building Service brings together local construction knowledge with a world-class building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project. A.C.E. Building Service is your local Butler Builder.
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Fun Construction Themed Activities For Kids

Looking for something to keep your young kids busy while stuck at home? How about a construction day?
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