Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

A Butler metal building system is the go-to solution for business owners aiming to construct a cost-effective, high qualitylogo-butler structure. As a leader in pre-engineered metal buildings, Butler goes beyond traditional construction to offer practical and innovative building solutions designed to help businesses succeed.

Choosing a Butler pre-engineered metal building built by our experienced team at A.C.E. Building Service can help you set your business up for success today and in the future. Below, we dive into the world of Butler's pre-engineered metal buildings, showing you why Butler and A.C.E. are the best choice for your construction project.


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Top 6 Benefits of Butler Metal Building Systems

Butler's pre-engineered metal building systems represent a remarkable blend of style, versatility, and affordability. Below are the top six benefits of Butler’s innovative pre-engineered metal building systems.


1. Design Flexibility

A Butler building system offers virtually unlimited flexibility with regard to your building design—from distinctive exterior aesthetic options to functional interior configurations. You can also choose a hybrid solution that combines conventional building materials with the efficiencies of the system’s construction. Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve:

  • Rigid frame design facilitates virtually any building size and shape.
  • In addition to Butler’s selection of metal wall panel systems, finishes such as stucco, masonry, composite siding materials, and glass can be utilized to achieve virtually any design approach.
  • Widespan and Landmark structural systems create large areas of uninterrupted space to maximize productivity.
  • Integrate overhead lifting solutions such as bridge cranes, jib cranes, or process equipment into the steel design of your building.
  • Classic II building line with quick ship lead times for projects that have to get done right now.


2. Reduced Construction Time

A significant advantage of the Butler metal building system is its capacity to expedite construction schedules. In fact, a Butler system can reduce construction times by up to 30% when compared to conventional building methods. The key factors contributing to this efficiency include:

  • The ability to utilize the design-build delivery system, which eliminates third parties, streamlines construction, and condenses project schedules.
  • Regionally located manufacturing plants that shorten shipping distances and accelerate delivery times.
  • Precision-engineered structural steel systems, designed with advanced computer modeling for faster assembly when the building arrives at the job site location.

Structural Systems


The Widespan™ structural system offers extensive framing options with these benefits:
  • Large areas of uninterrupted space
  • Straight or tapered columns
  • Minimal or no interior columns to optimize building costs and enhance functionality
  • Extensions and expansions for future building requirements are easily accommodated
  • Acrylic-coated galvanized secondary structural members for better appearance and durability


If large interior space and extra-long bay sizes are important to your building’s functionality, then the Landmark™ 2000 structural system is the right choice. 

  • Factory-punched Truss PurlinXT™ secondary structural members and rod bracing to form a long-bay framing system that can span up to 60 feet. Available in 30-, 34- and 40-inch depths
  • Features acrylic-coated galvanized trusses, which protect against corrosion and provide an attractive interior appearance
  • Enhances ease of erection through factory-assembled, factory-punched structural members
  • Offers design flexibility for a combination of roof slopes
  • Integrates with conventional wall products, such as masonry, precast concrete and site-cast tilt wall

Learn more about Butler's fast construction and flexible design here!


3. Expansion Flexibility

Your building won't hinder your business's future growth. A Butler metal building system can easily adapt to your changing needs, allowing for expansion in width, length, and height. Pre-planning expansions can further enhance the building’s initial and future layout as well as your process flow.

Our design team will ensure that your facility is designed with expansion in mind, beginning with a full site assessment and collaboration with your key project stakeholders. Our design/build process will ensure the project goals of today are met and those of tomorrow can be achieved with minimal disruption to operations.


4. Sustainability

Steel ProductionBy choosing a Butler metal building system, you're not only investing in a versatile and high-quality steel structure but also aligning with a brand that prioritizes sustainability and responsible resource management.

Butler metal building systems are designed and constructed with sustainability in mind. One of the standout features is the incorporation of up to 74% recycled steel in all their buildings, reducing the demand for new raw materials and the energy-intensive processes associated with steel production. What’s more, all Butler Buildings are also designed to be easily disassembled and reused or recycled.

All Butler metal building systems contain up to 74% recycled steel and are all designed to be easily disassembled, repurposed, or recycled.

5. Energy Efficiency

The demand for products and systems that can reduce energy consumption is greater today than ever before. Butler offers a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R-40 or more if required.

The MR-24 roof system incorporates integrated thermal blocks to eliminate areas of thermal migration at clip connection points, and insulated metal panel offerings for both roof and wall applications can allow owners to achieve the highest thermal performance.


6. Low Maintenance

Steel buildings resist damage from high winds, heavy rains, hail, termites, ants, lightning and mold better than conventional building materials. Plus, steel structures and roofs are easier to maintain than wood-frame and concrete structures.

The lifespan of the Butler MR-24 roof is measured in decades, with documented applications extending to over 50 years of weather-tight performance before the need for major roof maintenance or replacement, nearly double that of conventional roof systems. Owners will pay for at least two roofs to get the same longevity as one MR-24 roof. Measured over the life of the building, this is a significant savings. 

Check out the below features that help Butler's MR-24 roof system stand the test of time.  


Want to unlock even more advantages of Butler metal building systems? Read this blog post.

A.C.E. Building Service and Butler Manufacturing

Since 1950, A.C.E. Building Service has built hundreds of structures — large and small — for manufacturers, commercial businesses, assisted living facilities, schools, retail establishments and churches throughout Northeast Wisconsin. And, because we tend to do more than one job for a client, we have the opportunity to see how well these buildings weather over time, heavy use, and the harsh and unforgiving Wisconsin climate.

Time and time again, we have witnessed Butler’s metal buildings hold strong and prove to be superior compared to conventional steel and post-frame building structures. This is why we decided to become an official partner with Butler Manufacturing in 1973. For over five decades, we have been proud to be a Butler Builder and deliver only the best pre-engineered metal building solutions to our customers in Northeast Wisconsin.

At A.C.E. Building Service, our reputation is our foundation. Check out our complete history to see how we went from an agricultural supply company to Northeast Wisconsin’s most trusted general contractor and Butler Builder!

talking construction (2)

Are you looking for a new metal building but not sure where to start? Check out our metal building virtual design gallery. We showcase six unique “virtual” buildings, all of which have been fully designed, cost-estimated, and are ready to order as designed or tailored to fit your individual needs. Explore the gallery now!

Butler’s Pre-Engineered Metal Building Design and Construction — Utilizing the Design-Build Approach

By partnering with Butler, A.C.E. Building Service is able to capitalize on the design-build project delivery approach. Design-build replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction and integrates the two phases, allowing for a streamlined project delivery process.

Utilizing the design-build approach, the contractor, designers, subcontractors, and owner are able to work together and focus on solving problems rather than pointing fingers. The same people that build the structure are part of the design of the structure and fully aware of all design intents, ideas, and principles.

Other benefits of design-build include:

  • Early cost input and budget estimation from contractor
  • Shorter project timeline
  • Reduced or eliminated change orders
  • Decreased design and construction fees
  • Owner can occupy the facility earlier and begin generating revenue sooner.

Learn more about our design-build services!


See Our Partnership with Butler In Action

Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing allows us design flexibility and a streamlined process that keeps projects on budget and within the promised timeline. A.C.E. Building Service was selected as the Design/Build general contractor to design and construct a 54,000-square- foot facility expansion to the Kaysun Corporation’s injection molding manufacturing facility. See an overview of the project below!

A.C.E. and Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems

At A.C.E., we provide our customers with a wide variety of dependable Butler products, all of which can be tailored to specific building design needs and requirements, including:

  • Butler Classic Building System — The most basic and versatile of the structural systems and combines the practicality of a rigid frame with unlimited design flexibility.

  • Butler Widespan Structural System — Available in a wide variety of slopes, widths, and heights, with the ability to choose from an array of accessories to enhance the functionality and appearance of any building.

  • Butler Landmark 2000 Structural System – Uses Truss PurlinXT to achieve up to 60-foot bays and provides an economical design solution for buildings that require big, wide-open interior space.

  • Butler Hybrid Buildings — Utilizes pre-engineered steel and conventional steel to create a high-performing building of any shape or size.

  • Butler Conventional Steel Buildings – Offers unlimited design freedom, from special features to multi-story facilities, with a comprehensive structural steel package that includes design, estimating, detailing, and fabrication.


Kaysun Corporation

Beacon Marine

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Click the images above to get an inside look at a few of our Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Building projects! Or check out our full project gallery.


Butler MR-24 Re-Roof System

The Butler MR-24® Re-Roof System is the industry’s first standing-seam metal roof system backed by 50+ years of proven weathertight performance. At over 3 billion square feet of installation, this system offers extensive design flexibility that ensures seamless integration into your existing structure and can be installed directly over an existing roof, minimizing disruptions and tear-off costs.

Newton Meats Re-roof_Banner

Check out 3 reasons why the Butler® MR-24 Roof is superior to other metal roofs here!


Our friends at Kent Design Build in Mandeville, LA, made an excellent video showing a 45,000-square-foot Butler MR-24 Metal over Metal Re-Roof project. Check it out above!


Butler Express Mezz System

Butler's Mezz System is a smart and innovative solution designed to maximize the usable space within your pre-engineered metal building. This versatile mezzanine system adds an additional level, creating a second floor within your structure. It's a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their space for offices, storage, or any other application.

Whether you need to expand your workspace or want a more efficient way to organize your facility, the Butler Mezz System provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. Its flexibility and ease of installation make it a perfect complement to Butler's pre-engineered metal building systems, offering a comprehensive approach to tailored, space-efficient design.

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The History and Legacy of Butler

With nearly 120 years of experience, the expert team at Butler Manufacturing has led the charge in construction innovation. It is the world’s leading producer of custom pre-engineered metal building systems.

Through new products, new cutting-edge technology and materials, and customized building designs, Butler has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in pre-engineered construction.

With a solid network of over 1,000 affiliated Butler Builders, A.C.E. Building Service being one, and six manufacturing plants spread across North America, the Butler name has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the field.

At A.C.E., we are proud to be your Butler Builder. We will work with you to find the best Butler pre-engineered metal building solution for your business needs. Contact us today!

Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Building Maintenance

Although Butler metal buildings are well-known for their proven durability and long-lasting performance, it's important to remember that all buildings in Northeast Wisconsin are exposed to harsh winter conditions and must undergo routine maintenance and inspection. This maintenance is crucial to guarantee that your building functions efficiently.

A.C.E. Building Service can repair, maintain, or upgrade any part of your metal building, from doors and locks to concrete patching, trench drains, loading docks, in-plant offices and build-outs, and specialty items like concrete equipment foundations and complete re-roofing projects. Whatever our customers can throw at us, no matter how big or small, we’ve got a solution!

Click here for a complete overview of our metal building repairs and maintenance services.


Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings FAQs 

How much will my Butler pre-engineered metal building cost?

The cost of your Butler pre-engineered metal building can vary significantly depending on size, customization, location, and specific requirements. The benefit of working with Butler is that our team can get you a fast, accurate, and honest project cost estimate based on your project’s unique needs.

How do I know what pre-engineered Butler system best suits my needs?

The best way to determine the best pre-engineered Butler system for your needs is to work with your local Butler Builder. Not only can they provide tailored recommendations and knowledge, they also have the Butler connections and resources to ensure your Butler building matches your unique needs and guarantees a successful project.

What are the long-term cost-saving advantages of Butler pre-engineered metal buildings?

Butler pre-engineered metal buildings offer significant long-term cost-saving advantages due to their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements. These metal structures are built to last. Additionally, their energy-efficient design can result in lower operational costs over time, making them a cost-effective choice for various applications, from commercial to industrial.

How do I choose the best Butler contractor?

You should choose a Butler contractor based on experience, capabilities, merit, and demonstrated successes. The last thing you want to do is simply go with the cheapest project quote or building system. The old saying “You get what you pay for” applies here. Choosing a Butler contractor with a solid reputation for fairness and integrity will save you money in the long run and ensure you receive the best project quality.

Why Choose A.C.E. Building Service?

At A.C.E. Building Service, we are proud to be Northeast Wisconsin’s trusted Butler Builder and represent the world’s leading producer of pre-engineered metal building solutions.

With hundreds of successful building projects under our belt, A.C.E. Building Service brings together local construction knowledge with a world-class building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project.

Learn more about our pre-engineered metal building services or request a quote online today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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