Commercial and Residential Land Surveying

Land Surveying and Land Development Services

Land surveying plays a pivotal role in the preconstruction phase of any residential or commercial construction project, as it helps with effective site planning and can identify potential land-related challenges before breaking ground.

A.C.E. Building Service offers a broad range of land surveying and development services to commercial and residential clients in Northeastern Wisconsin. With nearly three decades of experience, we possess comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and Wisconsin state laws pertaining to residential and commercial property development.

If you are in need of commercial or residential land surveying services, we are here to guide you toward the most optimal location for your proposed building, utilities, roads and more. 


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Commercial Land Surveying 

If you are a commercial business in need of a new office complex, a retail establishment, or an industrial facility, we provide precise and reliable commercial surveying services. Our ability to identify potential issues at the outset saves valuable time and mitigates the risk of costly mistakes once construction begins.

Whether you're working with an existing parcel or plan to create a new one, our comprehensive surveying services ensure thorough support. From full design surveys, to topographical mapping, floodplain surveys and industrial surveying needs, we bring high-level expertise to every commercial surveying project.

We also provide surveying services for civil engineering firms that don’t have in-house surveying capabilities as well as surveys required by financial lenders, title companies, and for property transfer transactions.

At A.C.E. Building Service, we utilize the design-build project delivery method, allowing for fast and cost-effective project timelines. Learn how design-build can benefit your new construction project now!

Residential Land Surveying 

A.C.E. Building Service also offers residential land services, including boundary surveys, topographic mapping, and site planning for new home construction. We ensure accurate results, helping homeowners make informed decisions about their property. Not sure where to locate that storage shed or garage in your backyard? Don’t know what elevation your new home should be constructed at? We can help.

We understand residential land surveying can sometimes involve emotionally charged situations such as property line disputes. Our team handles these cases with utmost sensitivity, providing clear, factual information to help resolve unknown or unclear property details.

Utilizing Innovative Technology in Land Surveying

Our goal is to deliver fast, accurate and cost-efficient solutions for our clients with the use of state-of-the-art robotic total stations with live imagery and capture technology. This allows us to see and measure objects without the need to be physically near them. Combining this with advanced global positioning system (GPS) technology that utilizes virtual reference station (VRS) networks results in reduced setup time and simplified referencing of local coordinate systems (as opposed to conventional rover and base GPS systems). 

Land Surveying Services You Can Trust 

survey team

Having a reliable and professional land surveyor you can trust is the first step to the overall success of any new construction project. The land surveying team at A.C.E. Building Service consists of Jeff A. DeZeeuw, PLS (chief surveyor) and Brooke Bastian (survey technician). Together, they have over 30 years of experience in the land surveying and civil engineering fields.

Jeff and Brooke are committed to offering all A.C.E. customers the best in-house residential and commercial land surveying services. Their work is done with the utmost integrity, meeting all legal and professional surveying requirements with a focus on the needs of the client and the greater community. They consistently apply their extensive expertise to all land surveying projects, and their depth of knowledge enhances the quality of service in every aspect of the process.

Our surveying team proudly offers residential and commercial land surveying services to Northeast Wisconsin and the Lakeshore counties of Manitowoc and Sheboygan. Contact us today to request a quote.


What is a property survey?

A property survey describes, maps and marks corners and locates land ownership boundaries, features and improvements.

Why make a property survey?

Land and its improvements are a major financial investment; therefore, it’s important to know exactly what you are investing in, so as not to be surprised by any encumbrance such as encroachments by neighbors onto your property or by you onto neighboring property.  A survey is a good investment. Professional land surveying and mapping services will involve less time, concern and expense than moving a building or other improvements, revising your land boundaries or development plans or defending a land boundary dispute in a court of law. To avoid or deter such litigation, undue costs and inconvenience, it is recommended that you retain the services of a Professional Land Surveyor prior to any land investments or property improvements (such as construction of a house, garage, shed, fence, etc.).

When should property be surveyed?

  • When property is divided to create new parcels for sale or development.
  • When property is to be sold, purchased or mortgaged.
  • When property is planned to be developed or improvements constructed.
  • When government regulations require a survey and map of your property.
  • When the location of property boundaries or corners are uncertain.
  • When property trespass or encroachment is evident or suspected.

If you buy real property without a survey, do you really know what you are buying? Realtors are not licensed land surveyors nor do they have the expertise to survey land. In most cases there is no visible evidence that would show you where the property lines are on the ground, as they are described in the deed to the property.

Does Title Insurance Protect Me?

You say you have title insurance: did you know title insurance only covers the written title and excludes anything that would have been disclosed by a complete and accurate survey of the land?  How much land are you buying?  In many cases the acreage is still based on the theoretical acreage from the original government survey from the mid 1800’s.  Depending on the location, a so-called 40-acre parcel can vary by several acres.  At today’s land values of $2,000 to $7,000 per acre, an accurate determination of your property boundaries could more than offset the cost of a survey.

If you are constructing improvements on your property, a survey is done to be certain that those improvements (landscaping, fences, decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, sheds, garages, home additions, etc.) are placed on the property or within the setback restrictions of the zoning code, which can affect the resale value and/or the ability to sell the property in the future.

Subdividing land into two or more parcels typically is regulated by state and local ordinance. This is required to promote public safety and general welfare, to further the orderly layout and use of land, to prevent the overcrowding of land, to lessen congestion of streets and highways, to provide for adequate light and air, to facilitate adequate provision for water, sewerage and other public requirements, to provide for proper access, and to promote proper monumenting of the land and deeding by accurate legal description. 

How is a property survey obtained?

Property surveys must be performed by a Professional Land Surveyor who has been licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing. You can perform an internet search for land surveying firms in the area or request a referral from local attorneys, government offices, realtors, bankers, and title insurance companies. 

What will a property survey cost?

Costs depend upon many conditions, such as: availability and adequacy of property records; previous surveying monuments and mapping; difficult terrain, heavy foliage and access; survey complexity, regulatory compliance and approval; inclement weather and seasonal conditions.  An estimate of cost and a time schedule should be provided by the Land Surveyor.

What will the surveyor do for me?

The deed and legal description of your property, adjoining properties and related records will be acquired and evaluated, and a survey made to locate, measure and monument the property boundaries and corners so they can be easily identified. A search for existing monuments will be done, measurements, notes and computations will be made, a survey plat or map prepared for public record, and copies provided to the client. The property survey must be completed in compliance with applicable state, county and other local government laws, codes and regulations. You will be informed of the discovery of any property description, boundary location, encroachment or other related problems of which you should be aware. Upon completion of the property survey, it is recommended that the boundary corner monuments be protected and preserved by the property owner. Land and its improvements are a major financial investment; therefore, all land ownership boundaries should be located, monumented and mapped by a Professional Land Surveyor. A quality Land Surveyor will carry Errors and Omissions Insurance to further protect their clients and it may be required for some services.

Are other documents needed for a survey?

Yes. A copy of property deeds for the subject parcel and adjoining parcels, an abstract of title or title insurance commitment and existing maps as well as other information relating to the property. It’s highly recommended to meet the Land Surveyor at the survey site for consultation or inspection. Consult with the Land Surveyor at the earliest opportunity; in some cases a survey may require several weeks or months to complete, depending upon local approval authority meeting schedules.

What is the history of surveying?

Since 5000 BC, surveying has served the political, economic and social needs of our society by defining and locating property boundaries, features and improvements. In Wisconsin, the original survey of our lands into the Public Land Survey System (townships, ranges and sections) began in 1831 from the border with Illinois and northward until completion in about 1865. From the Egyptian rope stretchers, ancient surveying measurement tools have progressed to the chain and compass, to the transit and tape to electronic distance and directional instruments, to the current GPS satellite receivers and Robotic Total Stations for modern surveying and mapping. Computation and mapping tools have also progressed from manual devices and methods to computers for calculations, data bases and computer aided drafting (CAD) or geographic information systems (GIS).

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