Preconstruction Services

Project Planning and Execution

A.C.E. Building Service recognizes the importance of early preparations in achieving a successful construction project. Oftentimes, clients do not know where to begin or what questions to ask when they realize they have to do something. Our preconstruction services extend well beyond basic cost estimates and provide a comprehensive solution.

Every project holds its own uniqueness. During the preconstruction phase, we take the time to thoroughly understand your project aspirations and requirements, translate them into project documents and plans, and then actively pursue them to actualization against any challenges that may be faced.

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Preconstruction Services

Our commercial and industrial preconstruction and planning services include:

  • Feasibility studies — Aids in identifying potential challenges related to site conditions and building codes early on, ensuring that your building design and placement are both viable and compatible.

  • Preliminary topographic and boundary surveys — By having our professional in-house staff deliver land surveying services and preliminary site plans, we possess the expertise to guide you toward the optimal locations for your building placement and other project's specific requirements.

  • Preliminary site and building design — Our design-build services encompass all the necessary architectural, engineering, and civil design components to develop construction plans, essential for obtaining an accurate cost estimate tailored to your project.

  • Permitting and zoning requirements — During our feasibility studies, we will research local ordinances, codes, and restrictions of the property to ensure a well-designed plan that meets all necessary approvals for construction.

  • Stormwater management — With our experienced knowledge and understanding of the WDNR stormwater management requirements, we will ensure that your site is properly designed and compliant to secure the necessary approvals for construction.

  • Projected budgeting — We offer feasibility budgets that provide a realistic understanding of your project. If the budget aligns with your expectations, we will proceed with further design work and present you with a firm quote for your project.

A.C.E. Building Service is your reliable and experienced industrial contractor. With over six decades of successful project delivery, you can feel confident knowing your construction project will stay within budget, finish on time, and meet your expectations

Leveraging the power of virtual design in the preconstruction phase, our expert team can transform a project vision into realistic building renderings and detailed preliminary project drawings, enabling our clients to visualize their proposed project design well before breaking ground.

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A.C.E. Building Service has been a trusted name in the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings and roof systems for over 60 years. We have been a Butler Builder for 50 of these years and continue to proudly deliver high-quality projects that meet the unique needs of our clients.

A.C.E. Building Service offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing various aspects of commercial and industrial construction. This includes new building construction, renovations, building additions, retrofitting, structural engineering services, land surveying services, as well as building maintenance services for your existing facility.


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Are you looking for a new metal building but not sure where to start? Our metal building virtual design gallery showcases six unique “virtual” buildings, all of which have been fully designed, cost-estimated, and are ready to order as designed or tailored to fit your individual needs. Explore the gallery now!


Why Choose A.C.E. For Your Next Construction Project?

A.C.E. Building Service provides commercial and industrial construction services. We are known for our credibility, fairness, and integrity. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet with you, evaluate your project requirements, and collaborate closely to achieve an optimal design solution tailored to your needs.

As a proud member of the national network of builders representing Butler Manufacturing, we are the exclusive distributor of the Butler product line in Northeast Wisconsin and the lakeshore from Sheboygan to Door County. Through “The Butler Difference,” we guarantee the unmatched durability and flexibility of Butler Building Systems, engineered and installed by an industry-leading, experienced team.

Are you interested in learning more about our preconstruction and construction services? Call us today or complete the project consultation form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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