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Metal Building vs Pole Barn: Durability, Construction and Design

Pole building.…steel building….metal building.…pole barn…. Same thing, different name, right? Wrong! Although they can appear similar on the outside, the differences between a wood-framed structure (pole building, pole barn, pole shed, post-frame building) and a pre-engineered metal building (steel building, metal building) are pretty significant. Below, we highlight the differences between pole buildings and metal buildings and why these differences are important to consider as you decide what best fits your needs.
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5 Benefits of A.C.E and Butler Metal Building Systems

With hundreds of successful building projects under our belt, A.C.E. Building Service brings together local construction knowledge with a world-class metal building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project, which is why A.C.E. Building Service is your local Butler Builder. We are proud to deliver Butler's innovative pre-engineered metal buildings that are reliable and cost effective.
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10 Crucial Steps To Planning Your Manufacturing Plant's Construction

Constructing a new manufacturing plant or expanding your current facility can be an exciting and sometimes frustrating process. There are plenty of challenges that can arise along the way, so it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible. It is helpful to have a fairly good understanding of the different steps required to plan and manage your construction project—steps that lead up to you being handed the keys and the O&M manuals.
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How One Decision in 1973 Changed the Way We Build

Over the past 67 years, we have built hundreds of structures—large and small—for manufacturers, commercial businesses, assisted living facilities, schools, retail establishments and churches throughout Northeast Wisconsin. And, because we tend to do more than one job for a client, we have the opportunity to see how well these buildings weather time, heavy use and our Wisconsin climate.
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