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The Future of Construction Is Now: Fast Construction and Flexible Building Design

Together with increased industry customer demands and the abilities of specialized contractors, such as A.C.E. Building Service, the future of commercial and industrial building construction is here.
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Metal Building vs Pole Barn: Durability, Construction and Design

Pole building.…steel building….metal building.…pole barn…. Same thing, different name, right? Wrong! Although they can appear similar on the outside, the differences between a wood-framed structure (pole building, pole barn, pole shed, post-frame building) and a pre-engineered metal building (steel building, metal building) are pretty significant. Below, we highlight the differences between pole buildings and metal buildings and why these differences are important to consider as you decide what best fits your needs.
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Renovating and Restoring a Historic Building? Here’s Everything You Should Consider

While renovating and restoring a historic building may come with challenges, there are many advantages, including the ability to give a building new life while preserving its unique history.
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Why Office Renovations Demand More Than Simply Enlisting a Contractor for an Instant Makeover

It’s often believed office renovation projects require less effort, time, or resources than starting a new construction project from scratch. Although, this is not true in many cases.
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How to Effectively Plan Your Construction Project Timeline

It’s common for people outside the construction industry to see a building being constructed and not understand how much planning goes into that project before the first shovel breaks the ground.
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Costly Mistake: Delaying Your Commercial Construction Project

Exploring Myths, Realities and a Call to Action We all like to save money and some of us have a belief that if we wait to make a purchase, a better deal can be had.
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How To Choose The Best Contractor To Build Your Manufacturing Facility

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WSC) named October Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin and hosted a number of events to help raise awareness about the largest contributor to our state's economy. As we look back, we are pleased to see organizations throughout our state celebrate and promote the manufacturing industry. According to the WMC Foundation, manufacturing in Wisconsin employs more than 460,000 people and creates $56 billion in economic output; and Wisconsin is poised to grow its manufacturing base. The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), another organization helping to promote a strong manufacturing base, optimizes stakeholder value for Wisconsin manufacturers by expanding their capabilities to grow, be innovative, and achieve operational success. According to the WMEP, although there are currently significant challenges within the industry, the outlook is good. “Labor is tightening. Technologies are changing the way work is done. Tariffs are creating a level of uncertainty. Better, faster, cheaper, cleaner, and ‘right now’ are the mantras of key customers. But the pros outweigh the cons and this environment favors the bold...”
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