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Is It Time To Renovate Your Commercial Building? 5 Key Indicators

It may be tempting to put off a renovation or expansion project due to the cost, effort, and inconvenience it may cause. However, delaying a much-needed update to your commercial building can be holding your business back and limiting potential revenue, customers, or quality employees.
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Roof Repair Considerations for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Your roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your business, so it’s no surprise you want to make it last. A well-installed roof can last decades, but only if you take care of it with routine roof repairs and maintenance.
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Costly Mistake: Delaying Your Commercial Construction Project

Exploring Myths, Realities and a Call to Action We all like to save money and some of us have a belief that if we wait to make a purchase, a better deal can be had.
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Why Getting 3 Bids Is The Worst Thing You Could Do For Your Commercial Construction Project

I was recently invited to meet with a prospect who is looking for a build-out of a commercial space in Northeast Wisconsin. When I arrived, the owner was meeting with another commercial construction contractor who had also been invited to do a walk-through and discuss the impending project. I soon found out another contractor would be walking in my same footsteps just a couple of hours later. The owner was doing what he thought was best—getting three bids for his commercial construction project. This has been a standard practice for decades among owners who feel that, in order to get the best deal on their construction project, they should create competition among contractors. They believe this will allow them to leverage the three bids to their advantage. Here is why getting three bids is the worst thing you could do:
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