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Maximize Warehouse Space: Benefits of Steel Mezzanine Systems

When a manufacturing or warehouse facility is crowded and overloaded, work can quickly become disorganized, leading to an inefficient workflow. If you need to expand your space but don’t have the time or budget to invest in a building expansion project, a steel mezzanine system may be a great solution.

In this blog post, we discuss the basics of a steel mezzanine system and its advantages, including its ability to maximize warehouse space. Keep reading to learn more! 

What are Steel Mezzanine Systems?

Steel mezzanine systems are raised platforms that create an additional floor level in an existing building structure. Think of a mezzanine as a sort of balcony or loft inside of your facility that provides extra space without having to expand the building’s footprint.

The structural components of a steel mezzanine system include columns, beams, joists, decking materials, handrails, and stairways. These components are necessary to create an elevated platform that can withstand the weight of additional offices, process equipment, storage materials and more.  

Benefits of Steel Mezzanine Systems

Increased Warehouse Storage and Office Space

Steel mezzanine systems utilize the overhead space in a warehouse or manufacturing environment and are an excellent way to create more usable space without expanding or constructing a new building. They also offer a great option to add additional office space. It is often a convenient office location for supervisors and plant managers to oversee operations while staying close to the warehouse floor.

Cost-Effective and Easy

Compared to a facility expansion, a mezzanine is an affordable solution if a business needs additional production and inventory storage space on a budget. The installation process is relatively simple and very time efficient. Depending on the size, installations could take a matter of days for a small footprint or just a few weeks for a large footprint. Disruption to operations is minimal, and the end user can quickly use the newly created floor space immediately after completion. 

Design Flexibility 

Steel mezzanine systems are versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of businesses and industries, including distribution centers, manufacturing plants, climate-controlled storage facilities and industrial facilities. They can be adapted to specific warehouse layouts and customized to meet specific needs.

Below are some design features and benefits a mezzanine system can offer:

  • ResinDek panels that can support pallet jack ratings up to 2,800 pounds 
  • Cast-in-place concrete flooring options 
  • Customized height and footprint designs 
  • Railing systems with removable sections, gates, or loading areas
  • Stair systems and material handling integration
  • Structural considerations for varying end uses ranging from heavy to light-duty applications

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Looking to maximize your warehouse space with a steel mezzanine system? The expert team at A.C.E. Building Service is here to help. Learn more about our mezzanine installation services here!

Improved Workflow

A mezzanine system is not only a cost-effective storage solution but also an investment in the overall success of your business. Optimizing existing space with a mezzanine allows you to gain the square footage needed to reduce clutter and improve the overall flow of goods and personnel. This is a great way to enhance organization and streamline warehouse or manufacturing processes, which can lead to higher productivity and increased profit margins. 

Steel Mezzanine System Installation 

Through a long-standing partnership with Butler Manufacturing, A.C.E. Building Service can provide the best mezzanine system installation services by utilizing Butler's Express Mezz System.

With its built-in flexibility and easy installation process, the Express Mezz System offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their space. The pre-engineered system is prefabricated with factory precision and can be installed quickly with bolted connections, ready for finish paint if the end user desires a custom look. 

The expert team at A.C.E. Building Service will work with you from beginning to end, helping you design and install the best Butler Express Mezz System that will meet your business and warehouse needs.

Why Choose A.C.E.?

A.C.E. Building Service is a proud member of the national network of builders representing Butler Manufacturing. We are the exclusive distributor of the Butler product line in Northeast Wisconsin and the Lakeshore. Through “The Butler Difference,” we guarantee the unmatched durability and flexibility of Butler Building Systems, engineered and installed by an industry-leading, experienced team.

Ready to maximize your warehouse space with Butler’s Express Mezz System and A.C.E. Building Service’s expert installation services? Contact us today to request a quote! 


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Written by Chris Herzog

Chris is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin - Platteville where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. In addition, he is a LEED accredited professional (LEED-AP). He began his career with A.C.E. in 2005 as an estimator/project manager and later held the responsibilities of business development and marketing before assuming the role of President in 2021. In addition to the overall management and leadership of the company, he continues to build relationships with clients, serves at the board level in several community organizations, and ensures that the company's core values are upheld and at the center of every project.