Tenneco Inc.

Project Overview

Client: Tenneco Inc.
Project Delivery: Design/Build
Location: Manitowoc, WI

Tenneco Inc.

The Manitowoc location of Tenneco, Inc. had a major problem with roof leaks. Expansions to the facility created areas of ponding water and leak points where building additions met. Because they were in the middle of the roof slope, the only way to eliminate the problem areas was to either replace the roof or install a new roof on top of the existing one. A.C.E. Building Service installed a Butler Manufacturing™ MR-24® high profile metal over metal re-roof system over 24,000 square feet of existing standing seam metal roofing.

The new MR-24® roof was installed with framing heights adjusted to ensure the roof surface was uniform and planar, directing water from the roof's peak to the gutters without the depressions or dips that the former roof surface had. The new roof sets Tenneco, Inc. up for long-term success thanks to the full 360-degree Pittsburgh double lock seam used to fuse the MR-24 roof panels. This method will prevent water from penetrating the building and ensure long-term performance with minimal maintenance expense.

The facility also had several rooftop-mounted HVAC units that needed to be raised up to the new roof surface. The units had to be individually disconnected from the ductwork, hoisted off the roof, then onto the new roof, and reconnected to the ductwork below.

Benefits of the MR-24® Roof System

  • Weathertightness
  • UL90 rated for wind uplift resistance
  • FM Global Approved
  • Includes a complete line of specifically designed accessories
  • Minimal maintenance expense
  • And more!

Is the MR-24® Metal Roof System worth the investment? Find out for yourself!


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