Pine River Pre-Pack

Project Overview

Client: Pine River Pre-Pack

Scope: 7,200 square foot addition

Project Delivery: Design-Build

Location: Newton, WI

Pine River Pre-Pack

The project consisted of a 7,200 square foot cooler addition to Pine River Pre-Pack's existing facility. As a food-producing facility, Pine River Pre-Pack's standards are above what regulators define as “minimum criteria,” and therefore they held the construction of their project to high standards. The Butler pre-engineered expansion included insulated metal panel walls and standing seam insulated metal roof panels. The inside of the facility consists of Butler's standard acrylic coated galvanized girts and purlins for a clean, bright, and highly reflective surface.

I.M.P.s (Insulated Metal Panels) look like a typical metal wall panel on the exterior but have an insulated core with a metal interior surface. Once installed, the panels offer an interior and exterior finished surface in one installation step. I.M.P. panels are commonly used in cold storage applications, including coolers and freezers, warehousing, or any project which requires strict energy code compliance. The installation of I.M.P.s requires specialty equipment. A vacuum lifting device is used in conjunction with standard lifting equipment to lift the panels and position them in place without damage.

A.C.E. saw to include additional food safety/cleanliness construction details such as stainless steel doors and frames, a perimeter concrete curb for better cleanability, and epoxy paint on the masonry fire wall separating the existing building and the expansion.

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