Alliance Laundry Systems

Project Overview

Project Overview

Client: Alliance Laundry Systems

Project Delivery: Design-Build

Location: Manitowoc, WI

Alliance Laundry Systems needed to convert former production space into loading docks, and they needed the docks as soon as possible to keep up with production demands.  Alliance hired A.C.E. to design and construct the docks and we were happy to accept the challenge.
The project called for the addition of four new dock positions to the east side of the existing facility.  There was an overhead bridge crane in the area that the docks were located, which included structural steel columns and bracing that could not be altered.  We developed a layout that would allow for adequate spacing between docks, would not interfere with existing structural building elements, and that could be continued in either direction along the wall if future manufacturing demands required additional docks. 
The new docks required site grading, storm sewer, and underpinning of the existing structure foundation. A.C.E. designed the new loading dock operators to have a safety feature where the loading dock doors and plates cannot function unless a truck in the dock terminal and the dock lock is engaged. 
The former facility was dirty, drab, and equipped with outdated lighting. Alliance brightened up the building by cleaning and painting walls, ceilings, and process piping. As a compliment, A.C.E. installed large windows above the dock doors to incorporate daylighting and views to the exterior. The project began on August 14, 2019 and was substantially complete by early November.
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