Country Visions Cooperative

Project Overview

Client: Country Visions Cooperative
Scope: 5,900-square-foot renovation
Project Delivery: Renovation
Location: Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Country Visions Cooperative

This was the sixth major renovation or expansion project that A.C.E. Building Service designed and built for Country Visions Cooperative and the first Country Store renovation project.

The task was to renovate the existing 5,900 sq. ft. Country Store, including:

  • Updating the interior of the general retail areas such as a new point of sales counter and ADA upgrades.
  • Exterior improvements to the facade such as painting the existing building.
  • Parking lot seal coating and line marking.

When the Country Visions team was asked what type of design they were looking for, they knew exactly what they wanted and the answer was, "A red barn in the country." One look at the before photos and it’s easy to see that this was a challenging request. The other significant challenge was ensuring that the Country Store stayed operational for the duration of the project. Work was split up into phases that allowed us to complete one area of the project first, then move the entire store into that area to begin work on the remainder of the facility.

A former overhang was visually transformed to appear as a structural beam and post overhang and completed with a white rail and post fence for a decorative finished look. A.C.E. designed a faux gambrel structure on the front of the building to bring the essence of a barn to the project, complete with a faux loft door that is typically seen on barns. Large sectional overhead doors were painted to look like sliding barn doors and faux sliding barn doors were incorporated on other parts of the building to add to the structure’s barn theme.

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